1. japan

      Okonomiyaki – Japanese Soul Food at Its Finest Osaka and Hiroshima represent

      | Michael Richey and Mami Suzuki
    2. interviews

      Meet The World's Only Hamburger Idol Group: Hamburgirl Z If you love song and dance that reminds you of hamburgers, look no further

      | Mami Suzuki
    3. japanese

      Why Do Japanese People Say Moshi Moshi on the Phone? And other ways to answer the telephone in Japanese

      | Michael Richey
    4. japan

      The Gay of the Samurai All About Homosexuality, Buddhist Monks, Samurai, and The Tokugawa Middle Class

      | Koichi
    5. interviews

      The Day I Met a Japanese Superhero An interview with Rapi:tldier, the cyborg hero who protects Osaka with the power of an express train

      | Mami Suzuki
    6. videos

      Tofugu Eats: Japanese Beef Tongue Jerky Delicious? Let's find out.

      | Michael Richey and Koichi
    7. travel

      Aburaya - The Original Edo Period Inn in Haibara, Nara Exactly as it was over 300 years ago

      | Mami Suzuki
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      How to Apply to the JET Program (Tips on the Most Important Part) There sure are a lot of steps if you want to teach English in Japan

      | Michael Richey
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      The Ultimate Guide to Citing Japanese Sources Everything you need to know about properly giving credit in Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    10. japan

      The Best Teaching Resources for Superstar JET Program ALTs All the best places to find lesson plans, worksheets, games, songs, media, and more for your English classes

      | Michael Richey
    11. travel

      Takeda Castle A beautiful sight in any season, at any time

      | Mami Suzuki
    12. interviews

      I'm an Idol Otaku (and Proud of It) Absolutely everything you'd ever want to know about the idol otaku lifestyle

      | Mami Suzuki and Koichi
    13. videos

      Japanese Fluency Is Just a Race to See Who Can Make the Most Mistakes First Japanese Learning Tips with Koichi

      | Michael Richey and Koichi
    14. japanese

      Japanese Fluency Is A Race To Make The Most Mistakes Will you make it to the finish line?

      | Koichi
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      Tofugu Eats: Mandarin Orange Flavored Potato Chips Are sweet and salty a good match?

      | Michael Richey and Koichi
    16. japanese

      Japanese Homophones and How To Use Them Learn the meanings to all the Japanese sounds that have been confusing you

      | Mami Suzuki
    17. travel

      Sakurajima - Japan's Most Active Volcano The Japanese volcano with the most personality

      | Mami Suzuki
    18. japan

      20 Differences Between Japanese and Western Schools The things that stand to shock you most as an ALT

      | Michael Richey
    19. reviews

      A Geek In Japan One man's crash course in everything Japanese

      | Linda Lombardi
    20. travel

      Seria: Japan’s Best 100 Yen Shop My absolute favorite 100 YEN shop in Japan

      | Mami Suzuki
    21. videos

      How to Tell if you're at a Temple or a Shrine Is that a temple or a shrine that I'm visiting?

      | Michael Richey
    22. travel

      Plataku - The Takara Tomy Plarail Cafe Full of Trains Have your train and eat it too

      | Mami Suzuki
    23. japan

      JET Program Survival Resources Helping you live your life on JET

      | Michael Richey
    24. travel

      Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum One bowl of soup, with a trip back in time on the side please

      | Linda Lombardi
    25. videos

      Using "Interleaving" With Your Japanese Why difficult is sometimes better

      | Michael Richey and Koichi
    26. japanese

      "Interleaving" To Memorize More Japanese Let's put our Japanese sentences, radicals, kanji, and vocab all into one big pile.

      | Koichi
    27. japanese

      The Language Hack Where You Learn 1,000+ Japanese Words This Week It's almost as if you already know these words

      | Koichi
    28. videos

      Where to Find Nuts in Japan If you're nuts about nuts and live in Japan, we're here for you

      | Michael Richey
    29. japan

      Tsukemono! The Wonderful World of Japanese Pickles Those weird little things in your bento are actually pretty amazing

      | Linda Lombardi
    30. japan

      How Monster Strike Conquered Japanese Mobile Gaming ...and saved the country's largest social network from destruction

      | Rich
    31. reviews

      Attack On Titan: The Movie - A Tofugu Review Sure to be a box-office Titan, but how does this film stack up?

      | Rich
    32. japanese

      Your Japanese Weak Point Figure it out and fix it already

      | Koichi
    33. videos

      An Effective Hack For Learning Japanese Vocabulary Learning all the words you already know

      | Koichi and Michael Richey
    34. videos

      Ask Japan: "What is Honne & Tatemae?" Let's find out Japan's true feelings

      | Michael Richey, Juri, and Koichi
    35. japan

      The Unique Weapons of Ancient Japan As used by samurai, ninja, warrior monks, ruffians and all-around badasses.

      | Rich
    36. japan

      Umbrellas in Japan More umbrella knowledge than you can shake a stick at

      | Adam Ledford
    37. travel

      Daiki Suisan - Super Fresh Sushi Cut out the middleman and go straight ot the sushi source

      | Mami Suzuki
    38. japanese

      JET Program Japanese Study: Setting Yourself Up for Success Ready, Set, Immersion!

      | Michael Richey
    39. videos

      A Visual History Of The "Kappa" Everyone's little green cucumber-eating river friend

      | Michael Richey
    40. travel

      Kaihou Souko: The Massive Japanese Secondhand Warehouse If you like to collect anything, this is your store

      | Mami Suzuki
    41. japan

      4 Foreigners in Traditional Japanese Roles Breaking into a traditionally Japanese art form may be tough for foreigner, but it's not impossible

      | Ben
    42. interviews

      The Daily Life of the Japanese Housewife 1/3 of women in Japan want to be housewives. We interviewed some to find out why

      | Mami Suzuki