1. japanese

      月: Counting Months When this counter hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's 愛

      | Mami Suzuki
    2. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: November 2018 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter, Michael Richey, and Jamal Lee
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      時/時間: Counting Time and Hours Your time is valuable... so use it to read about time

      | Mami Suzuki
    4. japanese

      分: Counting Minutes and Edo Period Silver Currency When someone asks how many minutes it took to boil the egg you brought for lunch, you'll need this counter.

      | Mami Suzuki
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      New Japanese Learning Resources: October 2018 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Michael Richey
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      階: Floors of a Building When the elevator operator in Japan asks you what floor you want, how will you answer her if you don't read this article?

      | Mami Suzuki
    7. japanese

      回: Repetitive Actions, Regular Events The times, they are a-being counted

      | Mami Suzuki
    8. japanese

      羽: Counting Birds, Bats, and Bun-Buns 🦅 🦇 🐇 ... one of these things is not like the others

      | Mami Suzuki
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      冊: Counting Books This one's easy, the counter even looks like a book

      | Mami Suzuki
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      人: Counting People and Smart Animals "This counter counts PEEEOPLE!" shouted Charlton Heston as he was carried away on a stretcher

      | Mami Suzuki
    11. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: September 2018 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter and Michael Richey
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      本: Counting Long, Skinny Things 11 categories of long, skinny things that are worth counting

      | Mami Suzuki and Koichi
    13. japanese

      匹: Counting Animals, Bugs, and Wild Children Learn the difference between counting orcs and elves, you racist nerd.

      | Mami Suzuki
    14. japanese

      台: Counting Machines, Furniture, & Whole Cakes Finally, you can count that pile of window unit air conditioners in your basement

      | Mami Suzuki
    15. japanese

      枚: Counting Everything Flat Counting flat things, round things, cloth, roles, sections, food orders, and so much more

      | Mami Suzuki and Koichi
    16. japanese

      頭: Counting Those Big, Professional Animals That show "Dogs with Jobs"... all those dogs on that show are counted with this counter

      | Mami Suzuki
    17. japanese

      個: Counting (Almost) Everything and Anything Like the counter 〜つ but slightly less useful (only slightly)

      | Mami Suzuki
    18. japanese

      〜つ: Counting Everything and Anything When you don't know what counter to use...

      | Mami Suzuki
    19. japanese

      Getting Started with Japanese Counters What they are, how to use them, and grammatical aspects

      | Mami Suzuki and Koichi
    20. japanese

      350 Japanese Counters Grouped by Usefulness Divided into 2 Absolutely Must-Know, 17 Must-Know, 47 Common, and so on

      | Mami Suzuki
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      New Japanese Learning Resources: August 2018 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    22. japanese

      Ganbaru: Fight! Do Your Best! Never Say Die! Meanings, history, example sentences, and what Japanese people think when they hear it.

      | Mami Suzuki
    23. japanese

      Japanese Name Enders: More than Mr. and Ms. When and how to use さん, くん, and more you've never heard of

      | Michael Richey and Mami Suzuki
    24. japanese

      Rendaku: Why Hito-Bito isn't Hito-Hito What your Japanese teacher doesn't want you to know (because they don't actually know)

      | Kristen Dexter
    25. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: July 2018 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    26. japanese

      Japanese Numbers and How to Count ALL of Them Counting that's not as easy as 1, 2, 3

      | Mami Suzuki
    27. travel

      Bar Orchard: The Creative, Fresh Fruit Cocktails of Ginza The passion (fruit) of two bartenders put together one of the best bars in Tokyo

      | Michael Richey
    28. travel

      Yakiniku Meimon: Famous Japanese Meat for Famous People The Prime Minister ate here, you guys. C'mon!

      | Kanae Nakamine
    29. japanese

      The Meaning of Genki: Going Way Beyond "O Genki Desu Ka? Hai, Genki Desu." Start using the word "genki" the way the Japanese use it.

      | Mami Suzuki, Michael Richey, and Koichi
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      New Japanese Learning Resources: May & June 2018 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    31. reviews

      Renting Middle-Aged Japanese Men for Fun: A Review of Ossan Rental Seriously, these are some quality ossan

      | Koichi
    32. travel

      Studio Crown: Cosplay, Then Walk the Streets of Akihabara as an Otaku God Rent professional costumes, get professional photos

      | Koichi
    33. interviews

      Yasashii Shufu: Cosplaying-Along with a Rental Ossan Dressing up as anime characters with a kind ossan

      | Koichi
    34. interviews

      Omocha-kun: Our Anthem Singing, Puppet-Wielding Ossan Rental Puppets, wigs, and national anthems

      | Koichi
    35. travel

      Hanachan: A Drinking Place I Love But Can’t Recommend It’s like the Netflix show *Midnight Diner* come to life

      | Koichi
    36. travel

      Nakagin Capsule Tower: Retro Future Living Space An entire apartment complex made of 140 individual capsules

      | Mami Suzuki
    37. travel

      Umebachiya: Real Veggies, Real Sweet, Real Edo Style One of the last places in Japan you can get candied vegetables made the way they did it in the Edo period.

      | Mami Suzuki
    38. japanese

      Chotto: A Little Word with a Lot of Ambiguity Seven meanings, one word, all cop

      | Mami Suzuki
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      How to Make a Reservation in Japanese Make that reservation in Japanese, reservation-free

      | Mami Suzuki
    40. travel

      Park Hotel Tokyo: Where Each Room is a Work of Art What if your hotel room was a museum and you could sleep inside?

      | Mami Suzuki
    41. travel

      On the Marks: A Kawasaki Hotel for Hip Youths and Business Travelers This place has everything a human needs: craft beer, curry, and beds

      | Mami Suzuki
    42. japan

      Here are Your Options for Getting Internet in Japan How Japan is preparing for the 2020 Olympics by keeping you connected

      | Michael Richey, Koichi, Mami Suzuki, and Jamal Lee