Tofugu hires when it hurts too much not to hire. We don't expand for the sake of expanding. When we are hiring, we search long and hard for exceptional people who share our values, can manage themselves, and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and improving themselves, then they share that with others. Because of that, we don't hire all that often. If you want to get notified about new job postings, be sure to sign up for the email list a little further down the page.


    Make sure to read about Tofugu, our values, and what it's like working here to figure out if you'd be a good fit. Hiring is never a one-way street. Some of the things we value just won't resonate with everybody. Beyond that, please read our job postings carefully. We fill them with as much detail as possible so it's easy to know whether or not you'll excel in the role and environment.

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    What is it like to work at Tofugu?

    It's hard to put into words what it's like to work anywhere, but we'll give it a shot. At Tofugu, we work together with people who put the team ahead of themselves. You learn—a lot. You get your work done and deliver results. You also work a reasonable number of hours and spend time with your family, friends, and pet fugu. You're willing to take your thirty required days of vacation and vacation hard. When you're on, you're on. When you're off, you're off.

    Tofugu is more than a list of policies and perks, though we do all the standard ones (plus some weird ones).

    List of Benefits

    • Competitive salary. "13th month" bonus structure (dependent on previous year's profit).
    • Simple IRA retirement account matching of 3% (US staff).
    • 30 required days of vacation for full-time staff, though a lot of people take more. 15 days of vacation per year for part-time staff.
    • 7 holidays per year of your own choosing.
    • Join the company retreats! (past locations: Izu and Hokkaido, Japan). Less formal face-to-faces in other locations, too.
    • Medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums are 100% covered (US staff) or monetarily reimbursed (international).
    • Flexible working hours. We're a results-only work environment.
    • Educational books are reimbursable. We want you to keep reading and keep learning!
    • Reimbursements for taking approved classes, courses, etc.
    • $500 annually in fitness-related reimbursements.
    • $200/month in reimbursements for office space, desk rental, or coffee/tea when you work out of a coffee shop (remote staff).
    • Parking, mass transit passes (Portland, OR).
    • Take your shoes off, then wear slippers (Portland, OR).

    Although those are nice, perks don't bring true happiness and satisfaction. We're a group of people coming together, building out our own culture, and applying our energy and time to what we believe in: helping people to learn how to learn. It just happens to be that the Japanese language is our vessel for that.

    But it's hard to encapsulate everything, so we asked members of the Tofugu team what their favorite things about working at Tofugu are:

    I love that my passions and my job are one and the same. If you're a Japanese language enthusiast, Tofugu is the place to be.

    Cameron Lombardo, Researcher

    What I love about Tofugu the most is the people. The team consists of curious, passionate, creative, and unique people.

    Kanae Nakamine, Project Manager

    I really appreciate the freedom to work remotely and structure my work in a way that makes me most productive.

    Javi, Front-End Developer

    If you think you'd fit in, check out our open positions.

    Hiring Process

    From submitting your application to getting hired, our hiring process is generally the same no matter the position.

    1. Apply
    Sometimes we just start by asking for a resumé and cover letter. Other times we ask for more, depending on the posting.
    2. Short Interview
    The short interview is a 30-45 minute audio-only call for us to get to know you a little better. You can ask some questions too.
    3. Long Interview
    The long interview is a 2-3 hour long video call that goes deeper into your work experience. At the end, you'll be able to ask any questions you have.
    4. Focused Interview
    Depending on the position, we may ask you to do some shorter, more focused interviews. These 30-60 minute go into specific topics.
    5. Reference Interviews
    If we feel good about everything up to this point, we'll ask you to help us to reach out to some of your references.
    6. Offer
    Finally, we'll send you an offer letter along with some high-fives!

    Every step of the way, we let candidates know if we're moving forward with their application (or not). If you haven't gotten a response, please feel free to follow up. Most job postings will include a general schedule so you know where things are at, though. We know how painful it can be to wait in the dark like that.

    Hiring can be a long process, but we want to love who we work with (and we want you to love who you work with too). That means we try to do our best every step of the way.


    Our office is located in Portland, OR, USA, though the majority of the team works remotely, from around the US to Canada to France to the Philippines. So long as you get your work done and your Internet can handle video calls, Tofugu allows you to work from anywhere. Unless otherwise noted, all jobs are remote positions.