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      Aizuchi: Does Your Listening Make Japanese People Uncomfortable? うん。うん。うん。うん。

      | Sarah W
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      What Kind of Tea To Drink When You’re in Japan Or you could mix them all together like some kind of monster

      | John
    3. japan

      Kimokawaii: Both Cute and Gross at the same time Get ready to cringe at some cute things.

      | Rachel B
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      John's Top 10 Anime Series When you don't know what to watch

      | John
    5. japan

      Going Cashless in Japan No Cash? No Problem!

      | Hashi
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      How Are Piercings Viewed in Japan? To puncture or not to puncture?

      | Hashi
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      How To Write Letters In Japanese: An Introduction Pen Pal Besties for Life

      | Koichi
    8. japan

      "Gaijin" What does this word really mean?

      | Hashi
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      The Strangest Ramen in Japan Weird ingredients. Great taste.

      | Hashi
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      Maneki Neko: Beckoning Good Things The Cats That Bring You Luck, Love, and Cash

      | Jordan
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      Pachinko: Gambling with little metal balls How Pachinko Keeps You Sucked In

      | Hashi
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      Learning Japanese Vocab Using Opposites Strengthen your vocab with the power of pairs

      | Koichi
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      The Martial Art Used By Japanese Police Get ready for some police-jutsu to the face

      | Hashi
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      Documentaries About Japan You Can Watch For Free Don't spend money for documentary knowledge

      | Hashi
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      Is Underage Drinking and Smoking a Problem In Japan? Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!

      | Koichi
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      Golden Week in Japan What It is And Why You Should Avoid It

      | John
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      Walk Like a Japanese Person Walk this way

      | Hashi
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      What Are Those Stickers on Japanese Cars? Answering the questions of foreigners stuck in traffic everywhere

      | Hashi
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      The Tastiest Japanese Food Movies Try not to lick your screen

      | Hashi
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      The Yakuza Monopoly They will not go to jail, but they will pass go and collect ¥20,000…

      | Hashi
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      Japanese Architecture: What Makes It Different? Steeped in tradition, thoroughly modern, and... disposable?

      | Hashi and Linda Lombardi
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      Finding Your Way Around Japan 3 things you need to know

      | Hashi
    23. japan

      A History of Japanese Baseball From Pre-War to Post-War

      | Koichi
    24. japan

      Shinto: Japan's Native Religion The foundation of Japanese culture itself

      | John
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      Purikura: The Joy of Japanese Photo Booths (✿◕ᴗ◕) Purikura (◕ᴗ◕✿)

      | Hashi
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      Creating Japanese Learning Opportunities in a Non-Japanese Speaking World Immersing yourself in Japanese outside Japan

      | Koichi
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      Japanese Whisky Makes You Feel Sophisticated, Drunk From the brands that brought you the sleeping subway salaryman

      | Hashi
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      The Revolutionary Sakamoto Ryoma Samurai and shaper of the Modern Japanese World

      | John
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      My Unhealthy Addiction to Japanese Rhythm Games And why they're amazing

      | Hashi
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      How to Handle the Transition from Classroom to Self-Learning Welcome to the real world

      | John
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      Manga Tropes: Nosebleeds, Snot Bubbles, & More Manga just wouldn't be the same without them

      | Fiona
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      Four Things That Shocked Me About Japan The Good kind of shocking, not the bad kind

      | Hashi
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      Japan is Sinking! Or is It? Is Tokyo the next Atlantis?

      | John
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      Hashi’s Field Guide to Japanese TV And Which Awesome Shows You Should Watch

      | Hashi
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      What I Don't Miss About Japan False bacon, murdervators, and more

      | Koichi
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      John’s Favorite J-Drama Actors The best actors according to John

      | John
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      Why Does Japan Drive On The Left Side of the Road? Swords, trains, horses, and more

      | John
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      Spirited Away: It’s for the Foodies Cook it, Eat it, Watch it

      | Fiona
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      7 Odd Things I Miss About Japan You'll be missing toilet butt spray too, by the end of this

      | Koichi
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      Why Everyone Should Do A Japanese Homestay Everything will be totally fine

      | John
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      Japanese Dog Breeds And How To Get Them Shiba-Inu, Akita, Hokkaido-ken, and more.

      | Koichi
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      The Best Places to Ski in Japan You need to ski. Japan is the place.

      | John