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    Fujiko F. Fujio Doraemon Museum Please, come on in to my doko demo door.

    A lot of people know about the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo– but they might not have known that there's also a museum dedicated to Fujiko F. Fujio, the creator of an infamous Japanese icon, Doraemon.

    blue space cat doraemon statue

    The museum was built in order to preserve Fujio's manuscripts of mangas he drew before his death in 1996. Fujio created more than just Doraemon– he drew out several other famous works, such as Kiteretsu Dai-hyakka, Esper Mami, Parman, and Obake no Q-taro. You can see some of his works' manuscripts– some original, some copies.

    big empty room white space doraemon interior

    I really enjoyed how fun and creative they made this museum! Every corner you look you see some aspect of Fujio's works, and it's kind of fun to go around the museum trying to find them throughout your visit.

    japanese english sign doraemon toilet sign
    Notice Mami (from Esper Mami), Nobita and Shizuka (from Doraemon) used in this cute sign!

    The museum also does a pretty good job following and describing the life of Fujiko F. Fujio, who's regarded as one of the pioneers in Japanese manga today, leaving behind works that have transcended for decades. Some of his possessions are displayed at the museum, including the desk that he used to worked on his manga.

    artists desk with figurines on it

    There's quite a number of things you can do at this museum, so there's something for everyone of all ages. There's a theater that lets you see a short film (unfortunately no subtitles)…

    indoor theater black curtains

    a big hall with interactive displays and games…

    doraemon childrens museum hall with games white room

    and some displays outside too, one being the field from Doraemon recreated!

    garden with statues doraemon statues

    If you ever get hungry, don't fret! There's a really cool cafe with cute meals and desserts designed with Fujio's works. The latte-art is definitely worth the order, even if you aren't hungry enough to order food.

    pancaked with cartoon characters on them and ice cream
    Doraemon cake
    latte art coffee with japanese cartoon character doraemon
    Quite possibly the cutest latte art

    Quite possibly the cutest latte-art

    There's even an adorable blue bus with Fujio's characters all over it (outside and inside!) that'll take you from the train station to the museum and back.

    city bus japan with cartoon characters on it

    s I thoroughly enjoyed this museum! As a girl growing up watching Doraemon every week, this museum made me feel like I was a kid again. The museum does such an amazing job at blending little bits and pieces of Fujio's work- in areas like the signs, even the bathrooms – and it's really fun going around the museum identifying them along the way. I'll be completely honest– I had more fun spending hours at this museum than the more renowned Studio Ghibli Museum, probably because Fujio's Museum was much more interactive. If you grew up watching any of Fujio's works- be it our favorite blue robot, a mask-wearing superhero boy, or a little white ghost- then this place is a MUST see!

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    Mami’s Review9/10

    A lot of great Doraemon stuff here. If you are a Doraemon fan, you must come here.

    Fujiko F. Fujio Doraemon Museum


    • A trip down Nostalgia Lane, assuming you grew up watching / reading Doraemon as a kid.
    • Clearly a lot of thought was put into this place. A lot of fun, cute, hidden things all around the museum. Some parts had a pretty deep and meaningful background, which was fun to discover.


    • Pretty far away from Tokyo. Make sure you have some other things to do in Kanagawa.

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