1. travel

      Nanachōme Kyōboshi: Ginza's Famous $400 Tempura We bankrupted Tofugu, but it was worth it in the end

      | Mami Suzuki
    2. japanese

      Transitive and Intransitive Verbs in Japanese and How To Use Them Never mix them up again!

      | Kristen Dexter
    3. travel

      Ristorante Massa: The Iron Chef Italian Restaurant Does Kōbe Masahiko’s restaurant cuisine reign supreme?

      | Koichi
    4. travel

      Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden: Radical Reptiles and Gnarly Nanners Bananas are truly in trouble, and we must all come together to save them. If we don't, places like this will no longer exist, or it'll just be a bunch of alligators and nothing else.

      | Michael Richey
    5. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: March 2018 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    6. travel

      Anata no Warehouse: A Fancy Arcade Modeled After a Very Not-Fancy Place A lot of time and effort went into making this place look dirty.

      | Mami Suzuki
    7. travel

      Sushiya no Nohachi: Sushi Made from a Single Grain of Rice Arietty sneaks into this place and eats sushi every night

      | Mami Suzuki
    8. travel

      Amano Freeze-Dry Station: Upscale Soup Shop If you think freeze-dried soup can’t be a luxury item, you’re wrong. Tokyo found a way.

      | Mami Suzuki
    9. travel

      Chin Kenichi Mabodōfu Restaurant: One Dish, Seven Visits The Szechuan Sage tickled our tastebuds with the power of peppercorns

      | Koichi
    10. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: January–February 2018 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter and Michael Richey
    11. travel

      Chaos Room: A Kyoto Artist's Retaliation Against a Rule-Following Society No, this isn't the room where you raise your Chaos in Sonic Adventure.

      | Koichi
    12. travel

      Bushitsu: An Elementary School Themed Coworking Space in Shimokitazawa Pretend like you're in elementary school while you work on your crushing adult responsibilities

      | Koichi
    13. travel

      Base Point: A Tokyo Coworking Space in Busy Shinjuku Like a manga cafe, but fancier and you can work from it

      | Koichi
    14. travel

      the SNACK: A Mysterious Tokyo Coworking Space in Ginza Ironically, they don't serve snacks

      | Koichi
    15. travel

      &Roll Cafe: Food, Movies, & a Chill Place to Work Get some work done with a side of buttery curry

      | Koichi
    16. travel

      Caffice: One of the Rare Tokyo Cafes That Encourages You to Work Cafe + Office = This Place

      | Koichi
    17. japanese

      The Best Japanese Textbooks, Reference Books, and Dictionaries for Beginners Minna, Busy People, Genki, From Zero. It’s like a Japanese textbook Justice League in here

      | Michael Richey and Kristen Dexter
    18. travel

      Genbudō Park: Hyogo's Five Famous Basalt Caves Five caves, a rock man, and an abandoned murder hotel

      | Mami Suzuki
    19. travel

      Kinosaki Onsen Town: Relax in 7 Legendary Hot Springs Meet Gen-san, eat crabs, and watch fireworks in Hyōgo Prefecture

      | Mami Suzuki
    20. travel

      Gundam Cafe Akihabara: A Place for Giant Robot Fans Peace is nothing but a result of food

      | Mami Suzuki
    21. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: The Best of 2017 The year's best tools to help you learn Japanese!

      | Kristen Dexter
    22. travel

      KITTE: Tokyo's Best Shopping Center for Fancy Things This place is FIRST CLASS! You’ll be FOREVER STAMPing your 封筒 in glee

      | Mami Suzuki
    23. travel

      1Kara: Tokyo's Place for the Solo Karaoke Warrior Go on a personal vision quest for the perfect karaoke experience

      | Mami Suzuki
    24. japan

      "What to Do with One Day in Tokyo" – Michael Colorful toys, high-flying rides, and serene walks; all in only one day

      | Michael Richey
    25. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: December 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    26. travel

      Beer Club Popeye: Japan's First Purveyor of Japanese Craft Beer 70 craft beers on tap

      | Koichi
    27. japan

      Tofugu's Favorite Posts of 2017 The 8 best articles as chosen by the Tofugu Staff

      | Koichi, Viet Hoang, Kristen Dexter, Mami Suzuki, Darin Richardson, Jamal Lee, Aya Francisco, and Michael Richey
    28. travel

      First Cabin Akihabara: The Airplane Themed Capsule Hotel Flying first class to Dreamland

      | Mami Suzuki
    29. japanese

      What Makes a Good Japanese Translator? Japanese translation advice from the guy who worked on Vagrant Story, Phoenix Wright, and multiple Final Fantasies.

      | Michael Richey
    30. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: November 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    31. japanese

      12 Ways to Answer Your Own Questions About Japanese No teacher? No problem.

      | Michael Richey
    32. travel

      Nalu & 76 Cafe: Getting Your Hair Cut in Japan Tokyo's best hair salon with a cafe attached

      | Mami Suzuki
    33. japanese

      Aisekiya Izakaya: Practicing Your Japanese For Cheap at Japan's Random Group Date Restaurant Free food, free drinks, and free language partners

      | Kanae Nakamine
    34. japan

      How to Get a Job in Japan: Advice from an Insider Expert A guy with 10 years experience helping people get hired at Japanese companies spills the beans

      | Michael Richey
    35. travel

      84: The Secret Members-Only Bar Frequented by Famous Artists, Musicians, and Nintendo Employees And we can't tell you where it is 😉

      | Kanae Nakamine
    36. japanese

      "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Matthew Chozick How a TV star in Japan studies Japanese

      | Matthew Chozick
    37. reviews

      Satori Reader Level-Appropriate Japanese Reading and Listening Practice

      | Kristen Dexter
    38. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: October 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    39. japanese

      "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Loretta "Kemushichan" Tips for speaking Japanese fluently

      | Loretta "KemushiChan"
    40. travel

      Momotarō Jinja: A Surreal Shrine to Japan’s Peach Boy With Weird Statues That Were Probably Pretty Neat in the 60s

      | Mami Suzuki
    41. travel

      Kichijoji Yūrei: Tokyo’s Haunted Underground Izakaya Leave your body at the door and drink spirits with spirits

      | Mami Suzuki
    42. japanese

      New Japanese Learning Resources: September 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter and Michael Richey