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    Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery and Museum A museum jam-packed with history and traditional Japanese alcohol.

    Founded in 1659, the Kiku-Masamune continues operation as a Kano family run sake brewery to this very day. At the time of its foundation, Kiku-Masamune represented one of the few popular sake breweries located outside of the Kanto region.

    motoba sake starter

    This "kudarizake" (a term for the area's sake) of the Nada region's (located on Hyogo Prefecture's coast) garnered a growing reputation in Kanto region.

    beautiful sake bottles blue and white

    Legend has it the sake was so delicious, the emperor even became a fan.

    old japanese painting of sake making

    Incidentally, legend has it that the Kano family received its surname from Emperor Go-Daigo after presenting him with sake made from well water from Mikagezawa some 600 years ago. (Kano meaning "to receive with joy and compliments.")

    japanese sake tapestry art

    Today, Kiku-Masamune continues producing its famous dry sake through the tried and true methods perfected in the Edo period.

    different types of sake rice

    According to the Kiku-Masamune website, its sake's taste is thanks, in part, to its special rice.

    pictures of sake making

    "Yamada-nishiki is a type of sake rice, or shinpaku-mai, that is characterized by a larger grain size than normal rice varieties, low protein content, and a soft consistency that allows the yeast to more easily penetrate the rice."

    sleeping dining room of sake

    Its taste has garnered a fan base that spans the globe. Kiku-Masamune brewed sake is sold all over Asia, in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

    pictures of sake making process

    Despite being rebuilt after its destruction in the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995, the museum calls forth a historical aura.

    giant sake barrels on the streets of japan

    Gorgeous black and white photographs conjure the ghosts of Kiku-Masamune's past.

    old tools used to make sake

    The tools of the trade. I always enjoy seeing how things got done; pre-modern technology.

    sake wood cutting

    The wooden and steel implements give Kiku-Masamune a rustic feel.

    cloth prints detailing sake brewing process

    Cloth prints present details in the brewing process. Unfortunately they only feature Japanese explanations, but…

    washing the rice sign

    small signs and a special leaflet offer English explanations.

    signs in english sake brewery

    Although the English isn't perfect, with a little imagination we get the gist of it.

    visual description of tsake making tools and pictures

    Although small, the museum is jam packed with sake brewing awesomeness. I really enjoyed the museum's layout and presentation.

    layout and presentation of sake

    For those REALLY interested in the sake brewing process, detailed diagrams sit alongside the actual tools and machinery.

    visual description of sake making in japan museum

    Kiku-Masamune's museum offers points of interest for everyone, whether they drink or not (though drinking will undoubtedly boost one's interest and experience).

    sake brewery beautiful architecture

    After learning about the brewery process feel free to visit the gift shop, filled with Kiku-Masamune brewed sake and various sake-related products. Fill up on free samples before buying souvenirs for your friends and family to enjoy. There are even special sake bath salts to add to your tub when you get home.

    sake brewery musum kiku masamune japan

    Although I don't drink, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the Kiku-Masamune sake brewing museum. I found the brewing process intriguing and appreciated Kiku-Masamune's pride in carrying on its forefather's techniques and traditions, brewing a sake that could be considered a Japanese artifact. So please visit Kiku-Masamune and take a step into the past before enjoying its historical flavor!



    • An Alcohol-themed attraction!
    • Easy stop between Osaka and Kobe
    • Dynamic layout for small size
    • Learn how to make sake!


    • Don't like alcohol? Leave this out

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