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    The Tofugu JET Program Guide Guiding you through JET life from start to finish

    Welcome to the Tofugu JET Program Guide, a comprehensive collection of articles, guides, and resources that cover JET life from start to finish. Consider it your experienced JET friend with the best knowledge and advice.

    Whether you’re thinking about applying or are in the middle of your JET career, this guide has something for you.

    Every piece of this series was written by a JET alum. Best of all, this guide continues to be updated. Check back often to see what new advice and ideas the Tofugu JET Program Guide offers as you walk the path of living and working in Japan on the JET Program.

    All articles in this series are ordered by JET life events, starting with the initial decision and ending with readjustment.


    This is everything before you get that sweet, sweet acceptance letter. We walk you through the rigorous application and infamous interviews.


    You're accepted and officially a JET! Now what? We're here to help with your insanely huge life transition. We've got a recommended packing list and your post-arrival-settling-in time (which no one talks about for some reason).

    JET Program Life

    Starting your new life in Japan takes work and time. But with the right advice, you can get your daily life set up, organized, and refined. Learn about the best Survival Resources as well as overcoming culture shock.

    JET Program work

    The majority of one's life is spent at work. And for you, that means your school. Whether you're brand new to ALT work or looking to improve your skills, we've got you covered. Prepare for that very first self-intro class and discover the best teaching resources for ALTs.

    Leaving and Life After the JET Program

    Whether you're on JET for one year or five, it can't last forever. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay there. As your JET contract ends, prepare for another life transition, either in Japan or back in your home country. Learn how to close down your life in Japan and search for a new job.

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    Articles in Series


      25 Reasons To Join The JET Program (And 8 Reasons Not To) The pros and cons of going on JET


      How to Apply for the JET Program A step-by-step guide for your JET application


      How to Write the JET Program Statement of Purpose Essay The most pivotal part of the JET Program application explained


      JET Program Interview: The Definitive Guide To Passing You've got the interview. Follow this guide to success.


      The Post JET Acceptance Checklist The forms you need to fill out and the people you need to talk to


      How To Pack For JET What to pack and, more importantly, what not to pack


      What To Do After Arriving in Japan on the JET Program: A Checklist Jump start your life on JET


      Your Step-by-Step Jikoshoukai Guide Learn the basics, practice, and create an advanced Japanese self-introduction


      Jet Program Culture Shock Culture shock can be tough, but understanding it doesn't have to be


      How to Get your Japanese Driver's License Pass the infamous Japanese driver's test


      Japan's Garbage Disposal System Explained Sort or die!


      JET Program Japanese Study: Setting Yourself Up for Success Ready, Set, Immersion!


      JET Program Survival Resources Helping you live your life on JET


      Safety in Japan: Staying Alert in the World's 'Safest' Country Is Japan as safe as everyone thinks? If not, what can you do to protect yourself?


      Mastering the ALT Self-Intro Class Learn to introduce yourself to classrooms full of Japanese kids.


      Surviving Sports Festival Undoukai in Japanese Schools


      HELP! I Don't Know How to ALT! Tips for becoming a better team teacher


      How to Spice up Your ALT Lessons with the Nine Intelligences A new strategy for English teaching in Japan


      What to Do When You're Placed in a Bad School Overcoming hardships and becoming the ALT you want to be


      The Best Teaching Resources for Superstar JET Program ALTs All the best places to find lesson plans, worksheets, games, songs, media, and more for your English classes


      26 Etiquette Rules Every English Teacher in Japan Should Know Japanese etiquette and customs that help you become part of the team


      20 Differences Between Japanese and Western Schools The things that stand to shock you most as an ALT


      English Bulletin Board Ideas for JET Program ALTs Everything you need to know about making the best English boards your school has ever seen


      The JET Program Senpai Triple Interview Throwdown 23 Things You Want To Know About Life on JET Answered by Alumni


      Making Your JET Program Recontracting Decision Should you stay or should you go now?