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    Kaihou Souko: The Massive Japanese Secondhand Warehouse If you like to collect anything, this is your store

    All right you manga nerds, listen up. Game nerds – You're gonna wanna hear this, too. Actually, anime nerds, figure collecting nerds, music nerds, every kind of nerd, you should probably pay attention.

    Okay, how about this. If you're a nerd in any way, you'll want to visit this place. May I present, Kaihou Souko, the gigantic Japanese second-hand shop.

    Welcome to the Giant Otaku Store in Japan

    giant yellow parking sign japan
    sphinx and alien statues outside a building not egypt

    This place isn't tough to locate. If you can spot these creepy green sphinxes, you'll find Kaihou Souko. In English, Kaihou Souko means "open storehouse." And that's exactly what this place is – A big, open thrift store.

    fake sphinx statues toy japan

    Once you pass through the arched doorway, these Egyptian sarcophaguses welcome you in, as well as…

    japanese manga giant statue sphinx boobs

    …a Gundam and a topless sphinx.

    I'm not sure if they are for sale or not, but…

    giant camel statue for sale sign

    This huge camel statue was definitely for sale. It was going for 300,000 yen (about $3000). Oh, I forgot to mention desert memorabilia nerds. You're gonna like it here, too.

    japanese vending machine cute kittens yellow and repackaged

    Before you step inside, why not a cold drink? You'll need your sugar to energize you through the maze of wonderment.

    japan capsule toy vending machines for children

    One more thing. Try your hand at some capsule toy machines. Why choose exactly the nerdery you want when you can be assigned some at random?

    inside a japanese recycle shop secondhand store manga

    But enough of the entryway. Let's enter and…great Tezuka's ghost! There is definitely something here for every nerdy niche.

    signs advertising japanese toys cartoons manga in a store

    I hope you weren't planning on putting your kids through college.

    pokemon cards display in japan recycle shop

    The floorspace is absolutely filled with racks covered with gadgets and gizmos and thingamabobs. And Pokemon cards.

    japanese cartoons manga kind of risque display

    Manga and anime fans will have no shortage of things to buy. Complete sets of One Piece, anyone?

    japanese recycle shop display sets of Manga

    Or complete sets of any manga for that matter. Great Japanese practice for any level.

    japanese recycle shop clothes display

    Don't forget to wear clothes. Kaihou Souko's got you covered (literally).

    recycle shop display hats and watches and sunglasses

    How about some shades and a hat? Don't forget to wear the hat backward for extra coolness.

    luxury goods display in a second hand shop

    You'll definitely need a purse to hold your empty wallet.

    japanese store interior plastic toy displays

    You can buy and build your own miniature plastic robot army. There are tons of Gundam and mecha robot models to be had.

    pink crocs and plastic pink kittens hanging in a store

    If you're tired of nerdy things, why not just things? As in, things you didn't know you wanted, but you do as soon as you see them. I don't know anyone who doesn't need a pink rubber kitty and/or a poodle statue.

    used guitars and fishing rods recycle shop

    For those lazy days spent strumming a guitar as you wait for the fish to bite, Kaihou Souko can also get you ready for the strumming and the biting.

    three shiny saxophones for sale

    Of course, playing the saxophone while fishing will attract more fish. Everyone knows fish can't resist smooth jazz.

    fake swords and fake guns display in cases

    Katanas and air soft guns for your live action anime fan film (we know you've got that Spike/Vicious church battle storyboarded).

    fake guns violent video games

    After that last picture, I'm sure you were worried that Kaihou Souko only carried airsoft rifles. Don't worry. There are plenty of concealable non-lethal weapons that look exactly like lethal weapons.

    boxes of stuff related to japanese manga anime for sale

    Anime and game figures big and small line the shelves.

    japanese anime recycle shop goods

    If you can't afford the big box sized figs, there are repackaged mini figures and blind boxes, as well.

    dragon ball z figurines for sale recycle shop
    japanese toys manga figurines

    Of course, the really good stuff is behind glass. Darn you, glass! Always separating me from the things I love. This is the deli case bacon incident all over again…

    mario kart nintendo used video games display

    Finally, it's time to get your game on. Mario welcomes you to the game section if you have any money left.

    retro video games japan

    Retro games on the cheap. Get 'em while they're old!

    vintage video games for sale cheap japan

    Famicom (NES) games in a colorful row.

    final fantasy vintage video game for sale

    Super Famicom (SNES) games too. Only ¥500 for Final Fantasy V. What a deal!

    vintage video games for sale in japan

    Even games from popular series aren't that expensive. Compare these prices to the U.S. versions' and be sad.

    japan used recycle shop manga and games entryway neon lights

    Since you can buy basically anything here, you can also sell anything, too. Just walk up to this booth and plop it down. I asked a staff member how many different things they have in their inventory, but he said, "We don't count, so we're not sure."

    dog statue with japanese sign

    Maybe the employees don't care, but this handsome dog is keeping his eye on you. So do not shoplift, or else he'll come to life and bite you. True story.

    Avatar michael richey 9c293d25

    Michael’s Review8/10

    I collect retro video games, so Kaihou Souko holds a special place in my heart. I always found a few good games here, not to mention some re-packaged gashapon toys that I’d never seen before. The only problem is that these stores are usually way, far out in the countryside (at least the ones I went to). You might have to take a taxi. Make sure you have a reason to go before making the trip, otherwise you might be disappointed.

    Avatar mami suzuki 783807d8

    Mami’s Review6/10

    Interesting place especially for people who love retro games and retro toys, as you may find a treasure for a reasonable price. There are so many other things here too.

    Kaihou Souko


    • Thousands of items
    • You'll never run out of things to look at
    • Find hidden gems
    • Quick 10-15 minute walk from Kintetsu Yamatoyagi station


    • Poorly organized - there's stuff everywhere!
    • Pretty much only for nerds

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    888-5 Toichicho
    Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture 634-0008

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