Retro Game Super Translation Selection

    retro game super translation selection

    If you're into retro games (who isn't at this point?) a nice translation of Japanese author Hanenashi Error's 「レトロゲーム超翻訳セレクト」(Retro Game Super Translation Selection) just came out. It's a slim book, but it covers over 100 "interesting" translation decisions from Japanese to English game localizations.

    Things like:

    translation examples from the japanese book Retro Game Super Translation Selection

    At first glance, you might be wondering how this book works since it was originally written in Japanese for a Japanese audience. But the English version is just as illuminating as the original Japanese text; it provides games' literal Japanese translations and the translations picked by the (usually) official English translators of the game. The book explains why certain localization changes may have been made, how typos were fixed, and explains why silence in a Japanese game usually leads to more dialogue in the English version.

    It also has explanations for onomatopoeia, spacing issues, and even English → English fixes, which can be very helpful to Japanese learners like yourself (as well as people who just enjoy playing Japanese games).

    The real trick here is, if you haven't guessed already, grabbing a copy of the Japanese book and this new English version and reading them side-by-side. The new English version is worth a read by itself, but if you're interested in some bilingual action definitely take advantage of them both.

    And shout out to Legends of Localization series head Clyde Mandelin for bringing this book to our attention with this tweet:

    If you haven't checked out his site about game translation/localization and the books that resulted from his hard work (which we've mentioned before, you really should!

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