The Reji app is like if TinyCards and Anki had a flashcard baby.

    The app lets you select the language you’re learning and your native language, then presents pre-made decks you can add to your routine. Decks are organized into three types:

    However, the most interesting feature is by far your ability to make decks using their auto-generated content. When you want to make a deck, first choose from their three deck options, then enter the word you want to learn.

    If you’re making an image deck, the site automatically pulls up a list of gifs and images to choose from. The audio (and reading, if it was a kanji word) is then pulled out of the ether and added automatically to the card.

    If you’re making a translation deck, the site also automatically adds audio, but you have the option to choose a translation for the word from their list or to add your own.

    If you’re making a definition deck, the app will attempt to pull up a definition in the same language as the word you entered.

    While Reji can be used for seven days for free, after that users need to subscribe for access. It’s a little pricey for a flash card app, even if it does do all of the heavy lifting. But, if you’d rather pay for convenience I don’t think anyone will blame you, since instant gifs and automatic audio is hard to pass up.

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