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      Japan’s Weirdest Dialect All You Need to Know About Tohoku-ben

      | Ken Cannon
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      Want To Learn Japanese? Maybe You Should JFDI Seriously

      | Koichi
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      10 Strange Japanese Films You Need to Watch Japan's creativity extends into its film industry

      | John
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      Studying With Japanese Drama: The Step-By-Step Guide Turn your addiction into knowledge

      | Koichi
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      The Best Paid Services for Your Japanese Language Learning Use your money wisely

      | Koichi
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      Zauo - The Japanese Restaurant Where You Catch Your Own Fish Where the fish are always biting

      | Koichi
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      The Greatest Inventor of All Time: Dr. NakaMats Creator of the Floppy Disk (Or so he says)

      | Hashi
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      Japan’s 100 Year War That Ended in 2006 Peace, Peace at last

      | Hashi
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      Japanese Cartography The First Time Japan Saw The World

      | Koichi
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      The Ultimate Kanji Test: Kanji Kentei You don't have what it takes, trust us.

      | Koichi
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      Using “Jerry Seinfeld’s Secret To Productivity” To Learn Kanji What's the deal with kanji?

      | Koichi
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      What Does Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu Mean? It's the double rainbow of Japanese

      | Koichi
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      Valentine’s Day, Japan: A How-To Guide How a fake American holiday became an even faker Japanese one

      | Koichi
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      How to Get Cheap Airplane Tickets to Japan Getting to Japan with money to spare

      | Koichi
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      Tashirojima, Japan's Famous Cat Island It's Like a Cat Lady in Island Form

      | Koichi
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      Why Do Japanese People Live so Long? And What You Can Do to Live a Long Time Too

      | Koichi
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      The 100+ Most Important Japanese Words The minimum amount of Japanese you should learn before traveling to Japan.

      | Koichi
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      When Learning Japanese, It’s All About The Little Victories Every day is something to celebrate

      | Koichi
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      Hitchhiking in Japan: Off the Beaten Track How to rely on the kindness of strangers

      | Nick
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      Japanese Words That Make It Into English Dictionaries Samurai, Futon, and delish Sushi

      | Koichi
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      Using Japanese Kids' Newspapers to Study for the JLPT: A 5-Step Method Don't say Japanese kids never did nothin' for ya

      | Nick
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      Why It's Okay To Forget Kanji What were we talking about, again?

      | Koichi
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      How To Trick Yourself Into Good (Japanese) Study Habits If you don't trick your brain, it'll fight you the whole way

      | Koichi
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      Using Kid’s Songs to Learn Japanese Because who isn't a kid on the inside?

      | David
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      Japan’s Fantasy Girls From Geisha to Maid Cafes

      | Nick
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      10 Reasons a Japanese Girlfriend Won't Help Your Japanese Don't assume learning will just happen

      | Nick
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      Amidakuji - Making Your Decisions Random, Japanese Style Like plinko on paper that solves all your problems

      | Koichi
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      Skritter: A Great Way To Practice Kanji, Stroke Order Learn the strokes, folks!

      | Koichi
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      When You Feel Like You Don't Want to Stop, Stop. It doesn't feel right, but you'll be happy you did

      | Koichi
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      Should you Learn Japanese from a Native Speaker or a Foreigner? Who do you choose?

      | Koichi
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      Learn Japanese Vocabulary Faster Becoming A Nintendo DS Kanji Sonomama Master

      | Brett Fyfield
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      Rhinospike Or How I got Native Japanese Speakers To Record Me Free Audio

      | Koichi
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      Question: How Should You Learn Kanji? We asked the experts

      | Koichi
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      The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Learning Kanji Don't do what I did

      | Koichi
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      The History Of Kanji Where did kanji come from, anyway?

      | Koichi
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      In Japan, You Visit A Scary Japanese Doctor 12+ Times A Year Because the doctor says so, and he is the law-giver

      | Koichi
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      Homeless In Japan? Here are Your Options Living the homeless life

      | Koichi
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      What Do You Call Your Japanese Sweetheart? I love you, Sweetie-chan

      | Koichi
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      Every Time You Zip Up Your Pants, Mr. Yoshida Smiles, Creepily The origin of your YKK zippers

      | Koichi
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      Understanding The Japanese Address System Find your way around Japan with numbers

      | Koichi
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      How To Pronounce The Japanese "R" Sound RRRrrrRRRrrrrRRRRrrr

      | Koichi
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      Rosetta Stone Japanese: Is It Worth It? Is it worth the money?

      | Koichi