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    &Roll Cafe: Food, Movies, & a Chill Place to Work Get some work done with a side of buttery curry

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    Most of the customers looked like they were Japanese Portlanders: young, hip, and probably working for startups.

    On my search for places in Tokyo I can work from, I found this hidden gem. On the third floor of a nondescript building in Shimokitazawa, &Roll Cafe is a nice little place to plop down, eat some food, drink a drink, and get a little work done.

    And, when I say "plop," I really mean it. Around a third of the seats force you to lean back and relax, which I think summarizes &Roll's atmosphere in a nutshell.

    tv screen at and roll cafe in tokyo

    I came a little after lunchtime on a Wednesday afternoon. The space was about half full and most of the customers looked like they were Japanese Portlanders: young, hip, and probably working for startups. This is just what you'd expect from someplace smack-dab in the middle of Shimokitazawa.

    After choosing a particularly soft and deep seat, I ordered the draft beer. Not surprisingly for a place like this, it was a Japanese craft beer, and it tasted pretty good.

    japanese craft beer

    Along with that, I had the butter chicken curry. I don't know what it is about Japan, but I love the Indian food here. I don't know if it tastes authentic or not, but Japan really knows how to make butter curry with a capital B.

    butter curry and salad in tokyo

    I stayed at &Roll for a little over two hours and never felt rushed. If it was full and there were people waiting, I doubt the staff would appreciate you working for hours on your computer.

    But when I was there, one other person was working as well, and just about everybody who was there when I arrived was still there when I left. This makes it a solid place to do work from, in my book.

    My only complaint would be the Internet speed, which was serviceable, but quite slow. I don't think I'd come here for really serious work anyways, though. An hour or two of casual mostly offline work is all I could muster in such a relaxed environment, though sometimes that's exactly what you need.

    speed gauge for internet at and roll cafe

    If you're in Shimokitazawa (and you should visit if you get the chance) and want to get some (chill) work done, &Roll is only a few minutes away from Shimokitazawa Station. The food and drink alone were worth the visit for me, though.

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    Koichi’s Review7/10

    Although I came here to get some work done, I think &Roll Cafe may be better for just a lunch or a drink. While I could work a bit, I felt like I was in the minority. Although nobody made me feel this way, I didn’t want to stay too long on my computer. Still, food and drink was excellent, and the environment was a lot of fun. I’ll come back for a drink if I’m in Shimokitazawa.

    &Roll Cafe


    • Goodwill Hunting was playing on the TV
    • Food was simple, delicious comfort food
    • Never felt rushed; I felt like I could stay longer if I wanted


    • Goodwill Hunting wasn't on loop
    • Peak times are busier
    • Internet was slow, but fine for basic things

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    2 Chome−19−17 Kitazawa
    Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0031

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