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    Neon Blue Curry And The NicoNico Headquarters Cafe wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Although it has since moved, and the menu has changed to less “disgusting” things, I’ll never forget the time we visited the NicoNico Headquarters when it was still in Harajuku. The cafe itself was what you’d probably expect from NicoNico Douga: there were a lot of young people, there was a space to do live shows, and there were a lot of words on the walls mimicking their famous comment system. There was even some in the bathroom.

    Mirror at the NicoNico Cafe imitating their comment system

    Inside the NicoNico Cafe, they had some normal food. That’s what cafes do, after all. But, it also had some purposely terrible food. I guess it’s funny to be in pain, and if you post that up to NicoNico Douga, then more power to them. Little do they know that we posted our video up on rival video website YouTube instead. Ha! Take that NicoNico Douga.

    We specifically came here for two menu items. They were:

    1. The blue, tasteless curry, and
    2. The Russian Roulette style drink shots

    They had some other nasty things too, but these were supposedly the best worst.

    The NicoNico Cafe Blue Curry

    A plate of rice and blue colored curry

    The NicoNico Cafe Blue Curry has two goals.

    First, to be very blue. Blue is a color that is psychologically disgusting to us humans. Want to lose weight? Eat off of some extremely blue plates. Want to feel gross? Look at a plate of blue curry. Because blue = bad tasting in our human minds, this curry is off to a rough start.

    The second goal was to be tasteless. There was almost no taste at all to this curry. Like, nothing. There was a very subtle spice going on in there, but when I say subtle I mean really subtle. The rice itself also seemed like it was chosen because it was not that flavorful too.

    Koichi about to eat the plate of blue curry

    Combine “no taste” and “blue,” and you have yourself an interesting concoction. Your brain says “hey, this is blue, it’s gross,” so you put it on your tastebuds to see if that’s true. When you do, there’s nothing to taste. So your brain starts creating a taste for you (hint: it’s a bad one). No taste becomes yucky taste, but not because there’s any flavor. It’s the exact opposite. It’s because there is no flavor. Your brain interprets the color and makes it nasty.

    Young man grimacing with blue curry
    Wait, I have to finish this whole thing?

    Luckily I had some Melon Soda to wash it down. Blue is unnatural yet I have no problem with neon green. I did manage to finish all of the curry like a good boy, but I did not feel good about myself afterward. It was a cruel trick to play upon my tastebuds. I don’t think I’ll be ordering this again.

    The NicoNico Cafe Russian Roulette Drink Shots

    Another “must ~~not~~ have” was the Russian drinks, and by Russian they didn’t mean something with vodka, they meant “Russian Roulette.” We were given three shot glasses, each with a different colored liquid: Green, yellow, and red. Two of them would taste good. One would taste bad. It’s like I put one bullet in the cylinder, spun, and took a shot… of a drink.

    A line of Russian roulette drink shots at NicoNico Cafe

    We played janken (rock-paper-scissors) with the winners choosing their drinks first, though we couldn’t pretend to know which was good and which wasn’t.

    Mine (green) tasted like apples. Hashi’s (yellow) tasted like a light green tea. Viet’s (red)… well, I’ll let you see how it tasted.

    Viet reaction to NicoNico Cafe blue curry

    Definitely a fun little game to play, but I can only say that because I didn’t lose the game.

    NicoNico Headquarters & Café Access

    Because NicoNico’s headquarters moved, and because the cafe menu is different now, please note that this is the address to their new location. Also, check the menu to see what they have or don’t have before going and getting all disappointed.

    Avatar koichi 0d7c291b

    Koichi’s Review5/10

    A lot of gimmicks, which was fun, but I wouldn’t go back. Well, they moved headquarters and made their food more normal anyways, so I’m not going back either way.

    Avatar viet hoang 9be375ff

    Viet’s Review6/10

    The cafe was all right. Bunch of gimmicky dishes. Not the kind of thing I would like to spend my time at. The blue curry was interesting though…

    NicoNico Headquarters Cafe


    • Very unique food
    • Horrible flavor (which is part of the fun)
    • Very Memorable experience


    • Unique food could be replicated with a little effort
    • NicoNico Cafe has moved to a new location

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