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    CLAMP COFFEE SARASA - Fresh Roasted Coffee in Kyoto Cozy atmosphere, rustic decor, and bacon cake

    In the busy city of Kyoto, there is a coffee shop set quietly on a back street, like a cozy little hideout. In Japan, where instant and canned coffee reign supreme, finding a café that not only serves roasted coffee, but also roasts its own beans, is a rarity.

    Welcome to CLAMP COFFEE SARASA, Kyoto's coffee jewel. The sign and outer entrance give you a small taste of what's inside, and this coffee shop has a flavor all its own.

    clamp coffee kyoto cafe with lots of plants

    As soon as you enter, you'll notice interior has a comfortable rustic feel. Clearly a lot of thought went into the vibe this place would give to customers.

    clamp coffee cramp coffee sign interior cafe

    On the sign, you'll notice it says "CRAMP" with an X over the R. Whether or not this is intentional, it shows the shop has a sense of humor about itself that it doesn't overplay. This is just one of the details that CLAMP invites you to discover. When looking at the shop overall, the color and decor blend together. But as you sit down and start sipping your coffee, you'll get a chance to focus on the all the cool details that make this place so special.

    clamp coffee kyoto japanese cafe interior
    deer overalls and rope hanging on walls rustic japan

    So much of the interior reminds me of a rustic Western garage. This wall in particular, with a mounted deer head, reminded me of my neighbor, Dave's, garage in Canada.

    a boot with grass in it clamp coffee kyoto
    dry flowers clamp coffee kyoto cafe interior japan
    plant in a bowl with american flag clamp coffee kyoto

    The planters were all very cute and creative. They exemplify the little details I mentioned before, things that blend into the overall scheme but come into sharper focus when you take the time to notice.

    wine bottle vase kyoto cafe japan

    One of the bottles had the drink menu painted on it, in case you wanted to consider a second drink while sipping your first.

    clamp coffe kyoto cafe interior bookcase

    So much of the interior design is mismatched, yet weirdly goes together.

    cartoon construction worker drawn on wall

    I especially liked this guy drawn on one of the bathroom walls.

    coffee roaster machine in store

    Perhaps the best feature of CLAMP is that they have their own coffee roaster, something that's rare to find, especially in Japan.

    pourover coffee japan copper kettle

    So, of course, I ordered coffee.

    coffee cup reflection in the mug

    The coffee was light, but very flavorful.

    bacon cake prices japan cafe yen

    And, I made sure not to miss this BACON CAKE SALE!

    bacon cake japan cafe food

    It's such a unique blend for cake. It was very moist and savory. I really enjoyed it!

    clamp coffee tokyo card business card coffee shop
    Avatar mami suzuki 783807d8

    Mami’s Review8/10

    I really like the coffee they serve, the bacon cake, and the atmosphere of the cafe. Totally recommended!



    • Fresh roasted coffee in Japan can be hard to find
    • Delicious food to go with the coffee
    • Comfortable, rustic atmosphere
    • Only a 10 minute walk from JR Nijo station


    • Can be hard to find because of the small sign

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    67-38 Nishinokyo Shokushicho
    Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8381

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