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    Do you Like What We Do? Tofugu's Hiring Developers, Engineers, Content Writers, & Interns.

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    Do you like Japan and/or the Japanese language? Tofugu's looking for motivated individuals who share our love for Japan, the Japanese language, and learning. We are currently hiring for a broad range of full time positions. We're looking for a front end developer, a software engineer of mobile applications, content researchers and writers, and even an intern. You will work on both Tofugu and WaniKani, with your work potentially affecting millions of Japanese learners. Some of the nice ones may even send you a thank you note.

    Tofugu is a company that believes that education (not just Japanese) improves lives and has the potential to save the world from itself. You’re expected to learn. A lot. About your job skills, Japanese, and about anything else that interests you. At the same time, we believe that working around forty hours a week is enough. You should spend time with your family, yourself, and your horse. That means that we expect you to be really good at what you do. And we expect you to improve and learn at a hungry pace to improve the quantity and quality of your output. If you believe in the same things, and you have the skills and experience listed, we’d love to talk to you.

    For more information on open positions, benefits, and so on, please visit the Tofugu Jobs page.