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    Tofugu's Learn Hiragana Book The PDF Version of our "Learn Hiragana Ultimate Guide" and More

    Over the years, Tofugu has been helping beginner Japanese learners to study hiragana with different kinds of content. We have the Learn Hiragana Ultimate Guide article, along with printable mnemonic chart, and the online Learn Hiragana Quiz.

    Today, I'd like to present to you a new addition to this family — the "Learn Hiragana Book" by Tofugu!

    This book comes in PDF format, and is helpful for beginner learners who are hoping to study hiragana on their tablet, or are looking for printed materials. Japanese teachers and tutors are welcome to use this book to teach hiragana to their students as well.

    a mnemonic image for the hiragana え (exotic bird)

    The book covers almost the same pronunciation and memory hints (mnemonics) as the Learn Hiragana Ultimate Guide article.

    a section for hiragana writing practice

    However, that's not all, of course. It also comes with additional writing practice, where you trace over and handwrite the characters. Even if you are not ready to write hiragana yet, this extra hands-on practice will help you remember them. Since it's in PDF format and doesn't come with audio, check out the blog article version along with this book if needed.

    a page for hiragana reading practice

    There's also a review page when you get through each column. You'll be filling in the romaji reading of the corresponding kana. Some of the quizzes show kana that are used for making actual Japanese words. This way, you'll realize that you already know how to read some Japanese words in hiragana (which is pretty cool)!

    Learn Hiragana Book<figcaption> Click to download the PDF </figcaption>

    If you are printing this out on paper, it fits nicely on a standard 8.5 x 11 inch (or A4 size) piece of paper. You can of course use it on your tablet too. Enjoy!