Have you been looking for new ways to use your Apple Watch? TokeiTango, which combines two Japanese words meaning “watch” and “words,” is a flashcard app for learning vocabulary and is exclusively available on the Apple Watch. It’s similar to other spaced repetition flashcard apps where you can study your review cards, marking off which items are new or else need more review and which ones you already know.

    The flashcard count on this app is over 9,000 words and spans from JLPT levels N5 to N1. Heads up that while we were testing this product, we noticed that some of the words did not correspond with the JLPT level they were listed as. In any case, there are various ways to sort the cards for review such as by JLPT level, having the hiragana or kanji cards go first, or by most common to most rare vocabulary. Each card has one example sentence and translation to go along with it. We found that all of the sentences are short and useful. There's also audio included for the Japanese words and example sentences, although it’s good to note that it’s text-to-speech and comes off a bit robotic.

    The major difference between this flashcard app and others is, of course, that it’s not a handheld study device, but rather, wrist-held. For users, this may be most helpful when attempting to be more discreet than when using a phone.

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