Seth Clydesdale's Genki Study Resources

    seth clydesdales genki study resources

    If you're a self-learner of Japanese, you might sometimes struggle with textbooks and materials that are designed for use in a classroom setting. Take the Genki textbook series for exampleā€”there are pair work exercises that are difficult to use if you're working through the book by yourself. Well dear learner, there is a website that will ease your weary soul: Seth Clydesdale's Genki Study Resources. These resources span the content of Genki I and II, as well as their associated workbooks. The site is very interactive, so even if you are in a classroom environment, these resources will allow you to interact with the content in a different way than your textbook allows for. For example, the listening practice exercises from the Genki workbooks are improved upon in this online format. The audio files that serve as the input for listening comprehension questions can be easily navigated to the relevant section for specific questions, as you can see in the image below.

    genki textbook online exercises

    In addition to a digital way to study the content in Genki, the website also offers a few interesting tools to further customize your studies. At the bottom of the main page, you'll find a number of custom study tools, such as custom vocabulary practice. Using this tool, you can create your own list of vocabulary to study using the drag-and-drop matching format that is used throughout the Genki study materials. If you are using Genki to study Japanese, it is definitely worth your while to play around with the resources on this website.