Outlier Linguistic's Kanji Masterclass

    Created initially to offer resources to those learning Chinese, Outlier Linguistics has since broken into teaching Japanese as well. Their primary program for Japanese learners is their Kanji Masterclass. This class, taught via video lessons on their web platform, focuses on teaching the best practices for studying kanji characters, as well as simplifying the characters themselves. This multifaceted approach not only gives students more information on kanji, but a better understanding of how to learn on their own.

    The focus of the course is on breaking down characters into their components, or comprehensive parts, which tends to offer either meaning or pronunciation information of the full character. Outlier reduces kanji to their basics, showing the etymology of how characters evolved over time. This can help solidify the meaning of kanji, and also in understanding compound characters and vocabulary later on.

    The course is still ongoing, with new lessons being released roughly each week. Additionally, Outlier offers a separate dictionary app that can be used to find components in the vast majority of kanji. The price is steep, but the program, as released thus far, is both well thought out and interesting.