Nあ~ Casual Nihongo

    na casual nihongo

    Looking for listening materials for Kansai-ben (i.e. dialect)? Check out Nあ~ Casual Nihongo, a great podcast channel for those who are eager to learn Kansai-ben!

    In each episode, the Kansai-ben speaking host, Dai, plays audio of a short conversation in Kansai-ben, and provides commentary on it. These conversations are real, natural conversation, which almost makes you feel like you're a fly on the wall in an Osaka izakaya. In addition to explaining useful vocabulary and phrases, Dai also quizzes listeners so they can check their understanding of the conversation.

    For beginners out there, or if you're new to Kansai-ben, the conversations might be a little challenging. But if you're an intermediate or advanced learner with some exposure to Kansai-ben, be sure to give it a try!

    Kansai Dialect