Mina Luna Japanese

    Mina Luna Japanese is a fun new YouTube channel hosted by two women named Minami and Luna. For these two, the goal of creating the channel was to introduce people who are studying Japanese to the language, culture, and various places in Japan. After meeting each other in Canada, they became friends and eventually decided to start a podcast. Although they both live in Tokyo now, Minami was born in Oita prefecture and Luna in Nagano prefecture. Luna is biracial with parents from Japan and Thailand.

    Because both hosts know Japanese and English, this comes in handy for viewers who know English. Two different versions of each video are released, one with English subtitles and the other with Japanese subtitles. Their videos are about five minutes long and contain super quirky and educational content. For example, some of their videos include topics of Japanese girl talk, cool idioms to make into a tattoo, and Japan’s drinking culture. They will keep you entertained with their energetic way of explaining topics to you.