Miku Real Japanese

    Another great English-language mediated Japanese learning YouTube channel is Miku Real Japanese. Miku's videos tend to be of the shorter variety, but that's not to say they're less effective. Miku's videos usually present a Japanese grammar form, give a few examples of some of the most common uses, and offer a quick test to check your comprehension. This is a great way to just get a grasp of a grammar point you might not have understood before, or a quick refresher on something you need to review.

    Miku uses a lot of humor, and is fond of dressing up in costume to partake in solo-conversations through the power of editing. These are funny interactions, and the humor can help what's taught to stick in your mind better than just a dry textbook explanation. Additionally, there are times where Miku does a deep-dive on a topic. For example, not every typical textbook teaches the sentence ending particle っけ, which indicates something you're trying to remember, but Miku has a great video introducing this particle!

    Additionally, Miku's begun branching out a bit, offering the real Japanese she mentions in the title of her YouTube channel in different settings such as reading kanji on the street, in specific settings like an izakaya, or through real conversations that are available as both videos and podcasts, and among the best immersion audio you can find.

    Overall, Miku Real Japanese is a great resource, especially for lower-level Japanese learners. While it's not quite as comprehensive as some resources, the humor and pushing the language usage beyond hypotheticals and into real situations make this a great source for Japanese learners looking to expand their knowledge of foundational Japanese grammar.