Learning Japanese with Taka

    Learning Japanese with Taka is a YouTube channel with grammar and vocabulary lessons taught by Taka. Taka has his own Japanese program, but just watching his videos alone is enough to learn something.

    In his videos, he either scrolls through his program's lessons or uses graphics on the screen to explain grammar points while adding extra native tips and advice. Watching Taka's videos is like getting a Zoom lesson from a friend as he handwrites on slides and walks you through the lesson while making his own commentary. His English isn't always perfect, but it's usually understandable enough to still be helpful.

    Taka has videos catered to different levels of the JLPT, and he also has a series that follows along with the Genki I textbook. He's one of the few Japanese YouTubers who teaches N5 grammar, in addition to his Super Basic Japanese series. So luckily, absolute beginners can benefit from his channel as well. If you like a more casual, intimate teaching style, Taka's channel might be a good supplement to your studies.