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    Want To Learn Japanese? Maybe You Should JFDI Seriously

    Sometimes we forget that the hard part about learning Japanese is actually just doing it. We whinge and we complain and we spend so much time preparing or learning how you should learn Japanese that we forget to just learn Japanese (i.e. we forget to JFDI). That is, strangely enough, the most important part about learning Japanese. Whoops.

    This is just a reminder to all of you out there that if you want to learn Japanese (or if you want to get better at Japanese), the key is to take action. Make something happen, you know? You can’t just think about learning Japanese forever, otherwise you’ll never learn Japanese. You won’t be able to look back and see all your progress six months from now (seriously, imagine how awesome that would feel, and how proud of yourself you would be).

    If you want to learn Japanese, you need to Just do it… or, if you need a bigger kick in the butt, do what the image above says.

    It’s better to spend an hour trying to learn something than to spend an hour thinking about learning something. Eventually, you’ll get good at learning Japanese, and it’ll get easier, and easier, and easier. There are resources out there that make the “how to learn Japanese” part a lot easier, I think (check out our reviewed Japanese Resources to see what other people tend to like) but really it comes down to how stubborn you are about taking action and getting things done.

    So, every time you find yourself whinging and whining, just think “JFDI.” Then, you should JFDI. mmk?

    Hugs n’ Kisses,