Learn to Read in Japanese, Volume II: A Japanese Reader

    learn to read in japanese volume ii a japanese reader

    In our very first JLR article, we covered Learn to Read in Japanese, Volume I by Roger Lake and Noriko Ura.

    The second volume covers 1,208 new kanji, 1,660 example sentences, 2,900 words and phrases, and tons of mnemonics to remember them all. Just like Volume I, it's huge and chock full of really great information.

    Each chapter teaches eight target kanji with related vocabulary words, and each vocabulary word has a mnemonic story to help you remember the reading and meaning. There are also a few additional vocabulary words, using kanji previously learned in volumes one and two, with their own mnemonics.

    Finally, there are practice sentences using the target vocabulary, with romaji breakdowns and literal English translations. If you've been looking for reliable, accurate Japanese sentences to study from, there are thousands to choose from.

    For example, when you learn the kanji 確:

    kanji mnemonic lesson from learn to read japanese volume two

    You also get to use example sentences like:

    Another unique feature of Volume II is that it offers compatibility with Satori Reader (another resource we've discussed before). After completing certain chapters of the book, there are optional instructions guiding you to the Satori Reader chapters you should read for supplemental practice. Some of the vocabulary taught in Volume II is also specifically there to support your ability to read Satori Reader articles better. There's even a secret code for Satori Reader that you can get from the book.

    It's a win-win!

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