Learn Japanese with Sayaka YouTube Channel

    A Japanese language learning channel, Learn Japanese with Sayaka, offers a unique perspective on Japanese language learning. The host, Sayaka, was born in the US, but moved to Japan when she was nine years old. Because of this, she's bilingual, but has first-hand experience of how difficult learning Japanese can be!

    The channel is just getting started, but Sayaka already offers a few different styles to her videos. Most of her videos are in both English and Japanese, often with explanations in English. She has two longer videos describing detailed tips for writing hiragana and katakana characters. She also has videos describing important vocabulary and grammar points, such as words related to emotions. Lastly, she has some Japanese language podcast videos, where she speaks about a certain topic entirely in Japanese with Japanese subtitles.

    There's only a handful of videos available at the moment, but based on her Twitter account, it seems like more are on the way. Given her unique experience, I hope so!