KotobaWeb started as a Discord bot, just called Kotoba. It's a way for Japanese learners to have fun and get easy access to Japanese concepts, like stroke order, on'yomi and kun'yomi information, conjugations, and translations. It also creates customized quizzes that users can participate in together.

    This ability to make quizzes and invite others to join is the main goal of KotobaWeb. There are a number of different categories: hiragana, katakana, JLPT levels, Kanji Kentei levels, locations, names. There's even a selection for yojijukugo and one just titled "insane." Any and/or all of these can be added together to make a special quiz just for you, your friends, coworkers, or random internet aquaintances.

    You can also customize the settings for answer time limits and leeway windows (but I was so close!), and you have the option to keep your game public or private.

    japanese learning game

    Once you have your categories narrowed down, choose a username (or a random one will be provided for you) and invite some friends with the unique link at the top of the page. Once your friends join, the fun begins!

    We found that playing with people who were at the same level of Japanese had way more fun furiously typing to get the answers together. But if you're trying to use this with people of all levels, it might not be so fun for some. If you're in a Japanese class and you want something to break the ice or start off your study groups, this is a fun option that will get you in the right groove. And it gives your brain a workout!