Kevinvin Sleepy Japanese

    kevinvin sleepy japanese

    Looking to wind down before bed with a Japanese podcast? Kevinvin Sleepy Japanese may be a good fit for you, if so. The host of the podcast, Kevinvin, grew up in Tokyo and now lives in Norway as a Japanese teacher. He has some unique episodes on living as a biracial citizen in Japan and on acquiring fluency in four different languages.

    The podcasts that Kevinvin has recorded include other topics like learning Japanese, dialects in Japan, anime, and music. Aside from having a slow, deep, voice that is perfect for relaxing to, Kevinvin also has a lovely singing voice. You can catch songs he sings in some of the episodes.

    This podcast is great for intermediate-level learners. The subject matter is relatively straightforward and isn’t too fast. Beginners could also try slowing down the podcast, but they may struggle with differentiating words, since there aren’t any transcripts to go along with the podcasts.