Kana - Hiragana and Katakana

    kana hiragana and katakana

    Originally called Kana - Learn Japanese Alphabet, this app aims to teach hiragana and katakana through customizable quizzes.

    After consulting the kana tables, you can choose to practice all or some of the items from them. You can also create custom lists, drawing from kana you want to study together, or even just the problem kana you have.

    "Practice/Quizzes" gives you either the kana or the romaji, and you can choose among four possible options. If you choose right, the selection turns green and rewards you with a little "Correct" haptic feedback, automatically moving to the next question. If you don't, the selection turns red and the correct answer turns green. Move on when you're ready. When you're done, you receive a detailed summary page with your score, total time, and a breakdown of each item.

    quizzes from japanese kana learning app

    As you complete quizzes and practice recognizing kana, the dashboard and the kana charts change to reflect how you're doing. One of the best things about this app is the detailed information it stores about each character. If you've been getting an item wrong, the color of that item will change when you look at the charts. You can then click on the item to see how many times you've gotten it right or wrong, as well as how long, on average, it's taken you to answer it in quizzes. And you can add it to your study lists to make sure you remember it next time.

    The app features a decent amount of customization: you can, for example, make your own quizzes from any of the included kana, format quizzes to ask you to choose from kana or romaji answers, and toggle colors and haptic feedback on and off so the app feels personalized to your tastes. There's a lot here!

    So, go learn your kana already!

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