Japanese In-Law: Words and Phrases for Day-to-Day Living

    japanese in law words and phrases for day to day living

    Are you in a situation where you don't know much Japanese, but have a need to communicate with your Japanese in-laws? If so, this pocketbook, written by an American son-in-law and his Japanese father-in-law, may be for you. It's intended help someone in a similar situation learn daily Japanese phrases that they would find useful while communicating with their Japanese family. There are lots of resources out there for tourists learning Japanese, but there are not many resources specifically designed for communicating with your Japanese in-laws.

    All the phrases are written in romaji as well as English letters to show the pronunciation, like "Arigatoh-gozaimasu / ah-reeh-GAH-toh-goh-ZIGH-mahs." While it could be distracting for those who already know how to read romaji or hiragana and katakana, if you are an absolute beginner and are only hoping to learn words and phrases to get by with verbal communication at home, this book might be worth checking out.

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