Jalup Listen

    jalup listen

    Our friends over at Jalup, who we've talked about in this series before, have come out with a new ongoing project called Jalup Listen. It's like a mashup of Satori Reader and Bilingual News, and is only accessible past the first few episodes via their Patreon.

    Each audio recording has an accompanying script in Japanese with level tags to show how difficult the material is. Patrons are able to ask questions about vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, or the topic being discussed. These questions can be in Japanese or English, but we highly recommend testing your Japanese and having it corrected while you learn.

    Along with Jalup Listen, there is another, similar type of recording called The Adam & Yuki Show. These are short (1–2 minute) conversations between Adam, the creator, and Yuki, the voice actor who provides the audio for all of Jalup.

    screenshot from  japanese learning resource jalup listen

    Audio is downloadable for patrons and the hope is that casual, simple listening practice will help learners ease into these aspects of Japanese better. The conversations are interesting, well-paced, and more natural than most of the other "English speaker talks to Japanese speaker" audio I've heard before.

    All of the content Jalup comes up with is usually high quality, so we're excited to see these two series.