Describing Random Images in Japanese - Wikimedia

    Komei's Channel is a YouTube channel about the Japanese language by Japanese native speaker Komei. This channel not only teaches Japanese grammar, like が vs. は, but also covers things like how to complain at a restaurant in Japanese and hidden texts in Attack on Titan. Out of all the interesting videos, we'd like to introduce this one: Describing random images in Japanese - Wikimedia.

    In this video, Komei describes images from Wikimedia in Japanese. He describes them first with no subtitles or English translation, and then does it again with both. He speaks very clearly and at a moderate speed. The visual cues really aid comprehension. This video may not be for those who are just starting to learn Japanese, but if you know the basics and you are looking for materials to practice, you should check out this video. It's great for listening and shadowing practice, and it will teach you how to describe something objectively in Japanese.