My favorite Sanrio character, Aggretsuko, now has her own Netflix show. Think Hello Kitty, if she were a red panda who works in an office and has to let out her anger via death metal. I don’t care if you’re studying Japanese or not, this show is a must watch.

    Anyway, you are studying Japanese, so this show is more than entertaining, it’s useful! While I wouldn’t recommend it to kids, there are some adult topics and definitely some adult language to balance out the cute-ness, this is great for those hovering around the late-intermediate level and above. And, if you’re having trouble following along, there are English and Japanese subtitles you can switch between.

    The show centers around office life and work relationships that Retsuko, our main character, deals with on a daily basis. It hilariously introduces you to aspects of Japanese adult/work life. And there’s a lot you can learn from this charming, though seriously flawed, cast of pseudo-animal characters. Also, if you're trying to avoid subtitles, don't worry, the metal lyrics (which would be impossible to understand otherwise) are hard subbed for your convenience.