Aggretsuko: Season 2

    Retsuko the red panda from Sanrio is back and bringing even more Japanese-learning challenges. If you haven't already watched the first season, here's the breakdown:

    Aggretsuko follows the life of a young woman who works a stressful, unfulfilling job, has a relentless mother who thinks she knows best, and deals with a strange dating life. Oh, and everyone is an animal.

    For Japanese learners, this series has a very interesting cast of characters who all have their own unique way of speaking. You can really test your understanding and retention with the different human caricatures while still hearing conversations about familiar topics (office life, family life, and dating life).

    There are Japanese and English subtitles to help you along, and the show is funny enough to make multiple watches of the same episodes for learning and retention purposes easy to manage.