A Whisker Away

    A Whisker Away, known as Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu in Japan, was released on Netflix on June 18. The literal translation of the Japanese title is "I want to cry so I put on a cat mask."

    One of the main characters of this movie is a middle school girl, Miyo, who can transform herself into a cat using the power of a magical mask. Another main character is her classmate, Kento, who Miyo has a crush on. While Miyo is so exuberant that her friends call her "Miss Ultra Gaga," Kento is the opposite, and rejects Miyo every time she tries to get close to him. Miyo is able to be good friends with Kento only when she turns into a cat.

    Miyo revels in the fact that Kento loves her when she's a cat, as well as her freedom from the restrictions she faces in real life, but she is confronted with a hard choice when she's asked to abandon human society and live as a cat for the rest of her life. The touching story and beautiful animation make this a perfect summer movie.