1. interviews

      Rent-A-Gaijin For All Your Temporary Gaijin Needs Shiny and New! (Or Dirty and Used!)

      | Koichi
    2. japanese

      Learning Japanese Through Cooking (Or Any Activity That You Enjoy)

      | Rochelle
    3. japan

      A Dog’s Life, Japan Japanese dog-owning culture is for the dogs (literally!)

      | Linda Lombardi
    4. interviews

      Lars Martinson: Tofugu Talks To The Creator of Tonoharu Discover the struggles and triumphs of English teaching, comic making, and combining the two.

      | Michael Richey
    5. japanese

      Learning Japanese During Your Study Abroad Maximize your learning

      | Rebecca
    6. japan

      What Miyazaki's New Film May Be Trying To Say About Japan Today Miyazaki's secret message for the Japanese government

      | Shoko
    7. japan

      Nasubi, The Naked Eggplant-Man Who Lived Off Sweepstakes We couldn't make this up if we tried

      | Nathaniel Edwards
    8. japan

      Japan, Capybaras, and Me: A Love Story Say hello to our furry, giant rodent friends

      | Linda Lombardi
    9. japan

      How To Celebrate Christmas In Japan KFC, Couples, and of course, old Cake

      | Mami Suzuki
    10. japan

      The Art of Proposing To A Japanese Girl Be still my heart! Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times, Yes!

      | Nathan
    11. japan

      Captain Tsubasa and the Rise of Japanese Soccer Move over Baseball!

      | Nathaniel Edwards
    12. japan

      Japanese College: The Spring Break of Life If you had one last chance to relax, wouldn't you take it?

      | Austin
    13. japan

      The Search For Japan's #1 Symbol Castles, temples, shrines, mountains, trains. HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE?!

      | Rochelle
    14. japan

      How I Played the Foreign Tourist on Japanese TV Smile for the camera!

      | Linda Lombardi
    15. japan

      The Secret Behind Hello Kitty's Blank Face No mouth? No problem!

      | Michael Richey
    16. japan

      Knitting For Jizo Protect the god who protects the souls of children

      | Stephanie
    17. japan

      Why You Should Come to Japan for College Five Reasons You Should Get Off Your Butt and Head to Japan

      | Austin
    18. japan

      How To Import Japanese Video Games Get Your Game On!

      | Nathaniel Edwards
    19. japan

      The Kikokushijo Dilemma: Growing Up Abroad As A Japanese Kid Japanese, but MORE!

      | Shoko
    20. japan

      The Top Three Japanese Memes of 2013 Because we know you want them, you horrible internet scum

      | Rebecca
    21. japan

      Hiroshi Yamauchi: The Very Non-Whimsical Willy Wonka Of Nintendo Don't taste the chocolate controllers, kids.

      | Michael Richey
    22. japan

      Stupid Women Are WonderFool in Japan? Stupid is the Cutest Outfit You Can Wear

      | Mami Suzuki
    23. japan

      Asian, but Not Japanese, In Japan Oh, So You Mean You're Not Japanese?

      | Austin
    24. japan

      What Sadako Taught Me About Love A Cross-Culture Comparison of Ringu and The Ring

      | Andrew
    25. japan

      Let's Talk About Japanese Cram School Entrance exams are coming, let's do this!

      | Mami Suzuki
    26. japan

      The Ainu Reviving the Indigenous Spirit of Japan

      | Sarah W
    27. japan

      What It's Like To Be A Half Japanese Kid In Japanese School Being hafu isn't as glamorous as it seems on Japanese TV

      | Loco
    28. japan

      How To Celebrate A Japanese Birthday Happy Birthday to You! And You! And Me!

      | Mami Suzuki
    29. japanese

      Sorry for Saying Thank You The Many Uses Of Sumimasen

      | Sarah W
    30. japan

      Kokuhaku: Japan's Love Confessing Culture If you're going to say I Love You, do it right!

      | Mami Suzuki
    31. japan

      Godfather of Anime, Osamu Tezuka He'll make you an animation you can't refuse (watching)

      | John
    32. japan

      Hamigaki: The Art Of Japanese Tooth Brushing Brush Brush Brush!

      | Sarah W
    33. japan

      How To Avoid (Or Even Find) A Stigmatized Property In Japan I'm not afraid of no ghost!

      | Mami Suzuki
    34. japan

      Japanese Soy Beans They're Not Just For Vegetarians!

      | Rachel B
    35. reviews

      Ni No Kuni - Reinvigorating Hopes for the JRPG Substance over style

      | John
    36. japan

      A Basic Intro To Taiko And Why It's Awesome Don Don Don Tsuku Don Don Don

      | Rachel B
    37. travel

      Jiufen: The Real Life Spirited Away It's all there: food, red lanterns, onsen, and more

      | Koichi
    38. japanese

      How To Gain Free Time and Be More Productive Learn Japanese and do more with your life

      | John and Koichi
    39. japan

      The Forgotten Dynasty Of The Ryukyu Islands All about Japan's tropical kingdom

      | John
    40. japanese

      What I Learned About Learning Japanese From Spending 3 Weeks In Taiwan 3 weeks. 1 lesson. 1 country. Taiwan.

      | Koichi
    41. japanese

      How To Be PeraPera Tips On Speaking Conversational Japanese More Fluently

      | Rachel B
    42. japan

      The Reason I Don't Want to Dye My Hair Black Again And Japanese womens' opinions on hair color

      | Mami Suzuki