Yuko Sensei

    Yuko-sensei teaches Japanese professionally at colleges, as well as through her own online language school, Smile Nihongo Academy. However, she also makes free content on YouTube. Her channel focuses on grammar, conversation, and particles, with some kanji and vocabulary lessons too. Some of her videos follow along with the Genki textbook, and some are marked by JLPT level.

    Yuko-sensei teaches using graphics on the screen, often taken from the class materials she uses to teach outside of YouTube. She also occasionally includes her own handouts, which are downloadable so you can follow along. Her lessons are very visual, using cartoons and diagrams to clearly illustrate her points. This channel has a good variety of content, from listening practice to Genki lessons in order, to Japanese sentence structure. Her videos on particles are especially popular!

    If you want some videos that follow along with Genki, or are interested in learning from a certified Japanese instructor on YouTube, Yuko-sensei's channel could be a helpful resource for you.