For the Japanese graded reader junkies out there looking for more material, you might want to check out YomuJP. This website is dedicated to providing Japanese learners with easy, level-appropriate reading content in a simple layout.

    There are tons of writings in their database. Each article contains pictures, and even audio recordings of a native speaker reading the material. This means you can use this site for listening practice as well. The stories are separated by reading difficulty. There are six categories, from N6 to N1, with N6 being the easiest (introductory level Japanese) and N1 being the hardest (advanced Japanese). According to the site, this scale is based on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) with N6 being an even easier level than the JLPT's lowest level of N5. You can browse articles by difficulty level or by tag.

    The site also regularly posts to their Twitter page, often highlighting articles. New articles seem to be consistently released as well. If you are interested in practicing your reading (or listening) skills, or if you are thinking of studying for the JLPT, then consider YomuJP as one handy-dandy tool in your toolbox.