Watercolor by Shibasaki

    If you've always wanted to learn to paint while brushing up your Japanese (pun intended), this YouTube channel is for you! As its name implies, the channel is run by a watercolor artist by the name of Harumichi Shibasaki, who would like to be your art teacher 🎨

    Shibasaki-sensei has a lovely, soft speaking style and radiates good energy. There is an impressive range of videos available, most of them between five and fifteen minutes long, and they'll teach you how to draw people, animals, and landscapes, using watercolors, acrylics, crayons, and pencils.

    Many of the videos have English subtitles, so they are accessible even for beginners, but this channel makes for a better learning resource for upper intermediate to advanced learners. Some of the videos have Japanese subtitles, but without furigana, and the speaking is at a natural speed with fairly advanced language use. So if you're upper intermediate level or above in Japanese, leave off those English subtiles and practice your Japanese while learning a new skill!