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    ulangi app

    Ulangi is a new flashcard language learning app that uses spaced repetition and a variety of different modes to make creating and studying from flashcards easier. After downloading the app, you're asked a few questions to get set up, including what language you're learning. From there, you're dropped into the main interface, which consists of five pages.

    The first page is "Manage," which lets you make changes to the cards you've made. On the next page, "Discover," you can search for words or entire categories of words, which is how Ulangi groups cards. For example, searching for and adding a card for 梅雨 created a new category called "meteorology" on my Manage page. This makes it easy to study a specific topic, such as "fruits" or "home appliances." The "Learn" page contains all the study options, followed by a "Progress" page that has your stats, and a "More" page with adjustable settings. On the Learn page, you're able to study with your cards in a number of ways. First is "Spaced Repetition," where you're shown a card and have to judge yourself on your ability to recall the information; for example, the meaning and reading of a vocabulary word. You then grade yourself, hitting a button depending on how well you do, which changes the interval until you need to review the term again from only a couple of minutes to a month or more. These buttons should be familiar to anyone who has used another flashcard program such as Anki. Beyond "Spaced Repetition" there's a "Writing" section where you type in an answer similar to WaniKani, a "Quiz" to test yourself, and two different games, called "Reflex" and "Atom." Reflex is a speed-based quiz game, and Atom has you spelling out your review items.

    While Ulangi is lacking some of the in-depth features and integrations in comparison to Anki, the simplicity of the system also makes the barrier to entry much lower. For Japanese learners that want to use flashcards to memorize things but don't want to spend time configuring and managing their own cards and decks, Ulangi is a great way to get off the ground right away.

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