The Real Japanese Podcast

    the real japanese podcast

    The Real Japanese Podcast, launched in 2020, is a monologue-style podcast hosted by Japanese teacher Haruka. The podcasts tend to mirror videos from her YouTube channel, where she spends time speaking unscripted on a certain topic. Despite this, transcripts are available should you want to check your comprehension, or read along.

    While the format is similar to other monologue-style podcasts, Haruka’s natural speed and unscripted speech make this podcast well worth your time. She talks about events from her life, such as time spent abroad in Canada, personal takes on social issues, as well as general interest topics on Japan and Japanese culture. This more personal touch makes The Real Japanese Podcast feel more tailor-made rather than how other series can feel scattershot at times, and keeps the conversation engaging even if you’re not well versed on the topic.

    Finally, her natural speech makes this a great listen for intermediate Japanese learners. With so much of a focus on beginner-level materials, it can be hard to find something that’s well suited for intermediate learners, but The Real Japanese Podcast definitely fits the bill.