The Complete Guide to Japanese Kanji

    the complete guide to japanese kanji

    This book is a dictionary of the 2,136 jōyō (everyday use) kanji, all labeled with their JLPT level. It provides not only meanings, readings, and uses but also short etymologies and quick mnemonics for each kanji. (Etymology is the origin and development of a kanji, and a mnemonic is a short story that helps you memorize the kanji.)

    If you are looking for a textbook with stroke order and various example sentences to practice writing or using kanji, this isn't the right book for you. However, if you are willing to learn the background of kanji to supplement your memory and knowledge, look no further than this book.

    Personally, we like learning the history of kanji. It's fun to learn how the kanji was originally invented and gradually turned into its current shape. We also believe it helps with memorization. It helps you identify the component and understand why it's there. If you are like us, you'll find this book a pack of great information and fun to read!

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