TakoAki Japanese

    If you enjoy the delicious taste of takoyaki, you may also enjoy the flavorful and witty YouTube channel: TakoAki Japanese. The name comes from the YouTuber's name, Akiyuki, combined with the dish. The goal of these videos is for viewers to learn "real" Japanese.

    TakoAki was born in Osaka and therefore speaks fluent Kansai dialect, or Kansai-ben. One of his playlists is dedicated to teaching phrases in Kansai-ben. His videos are taught in English and use Japanese examples. TakoAki takes on a few different characters with their own personas in his examples and it makes for an entertaining experience.

    Other videos on the channel include a compilation of common surnames read aloud to the tune of a song, Japanese history lessons taught in English, and ten essential phrases to know when visiting a doctor. The channel is relatively new but he seems to be producing more and more videos. We'll be checking back in on this one to see where he takes it.

    Kansai Dialect