Short Stories In Japanese

    short stories in japanese

    The New Penguin Parallel Text series released Short Stories in Japanese in 2011 as one of their many English → Other Language books. It's edited and almost entirely translated by Michael Emmerich, whose name you may recognize from his work on Read Real Japanese: Short Stories. Basically, if you're a fan of the RRJ series, you'll like this as well.

    The layout is perfect if you are an advanced student of Japanese. It has English on the left and Japanese on the right, in vertical (normal) Japanese format. This means you are reading Japanese the way it is meant to be read. There is no follow-along dictionary like those in Read Real Japanese or Breaking Into Japanese Literature. It has furigana, but only the first time you see a word in each story, and no romaji.

    Without a follow along dictionary, you will be forced to remember new words and readings yourself. Looking over at the English page, you can think about why certain translation choices were made in English. This book may fit you if you're an advanced reader of Japanese who doesn't want too many crutches. For more details, read Kristen's full review of Short Stories in Japanese!

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