Shiro Neko Japanese

    Shiro Neko Japanese is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching simple Japanese grammar in a visual way, using a cute cat named Shiro. In fact, the channel name, "Shiro Neko" means "white cat" in Japanese. This channel offers a wide range of content, from grammar to pronunciation to themed conversation lessons.

    Many of the lessons follow the curriculum laid out in Genki 1. If you are using Genki 1 for learning Japanese, this channel would be an excellent supplement. Each video contains a dialogue (sometimes original, sometimes from Genki), along with a breakdown of phrases and grammar. However, perhaps the most useful parts are the designated "Practice" and "Takeaway" sections found in some uploads. Here, you have an opportunity to practice what was taught in the lesson as well as answer content-related questions.

    The narration is clear and done by a native-Japanese speaker. While the overall speaking quality isn't bad, some viewers may find it boring or lacking emotion. Aside from this, romaji is used everywhere, so even beginners and learners without any hiragana knowledge can follow along.

    In terms of teaching style, while simple grammar patterns are laid out well, some explanations can still get complicated and sound a bit copy-and-pasted from a textbook. For example, the video titled Conjugate from DICTIONARY form to TE form (Verb Conjugation #4) tends to use standard textbook terms, like "group 1 verbs." Also, Shiro Neko concocts inventive "hints" to remember things that you may find fun and helpful, or convoluted, depending on your preferences.

    All in all, Shiro Neko Japanese's lessons are very structured, quick, and full of endearing illustrations. If you prefer a more textbook-like teaching style, but with adorable characters and scenarios, then you might fancy this channel. While far from a complete Japanese language learning resource, it's a useful supplement, especially if you're using Genki.