Sayuri Saying Everyday-Japanese Podcast

    sayuri saying everyday japanese podcast

    Sayuri Saying Everyday-Japanese Podcast, hosted by, you guessed it, Sayuri, is a Japanese language learning podcast aimed at upper-beginner or lower-intermediate level Japanese learners. Sayuri additionally runs a YouTube channel that’s also popular among Japanese language learners, and actually, the podcast is largely an extension of that. Episodes are also posted to YouTube, and it’s on YouTube that learners will find the transcription should they want to check their comprehension.

    Sayuri’s strength is in the naturalness of her speech. Rather than feeling stiff, her podcasts flow very naturally, striking a good balance of feeling unstilted while remaining easily comprehensible.

    The topics continue this trend. Sayuri tends to discuss things from her life or from her interests like meditation or food, or aspects of Japanese culture such as the continued use of fax in Japan.

    For Japanese language learners itching for more natural Japanese, while still being slow, Sayuri Saying Everyday-Japanese Podcast might be just what you need.