Samurai Gourmet

    samurai gourmet

    Ah, food. The love of food can bring any culture together. And in this case, the love of food can bring you closer to speaking Japanese. Samurai Gourmet just arrived to Netflix and is a charming, slice of life mini-series, with some humor and tons of yummy food mixed in. It revolves around the life of a recently retired 60-year-old Japanese man named Takeshi, who upon realizing he has nothing to do all day, finds a passion for eating food at local establishments. It's relaxing, simple, and very fun to watch.

    samurai gourmet beer realization

    The Japanese is straightforward and rooted in everyday life, especially food. Different restaurants have different menus, styles of ordering, and mini cultures all their own. The show offers a view into the language, etiquette, and culture that exists when you're dining in Japan. It also has fantastic cinematography and will leave you starving for the food they showcase (at least in most cases).

    Samurai Gourmet has Japanese subtitles (which we recommend using first), as well as English, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Whether you're prepping for your first trip to Japan (and all the restaurants you'd like to eat at), or you just want to relax with an entertaining Japanese show – we highly recommend you give this a try.

    Oh by the way, there's also a thing with Samurai hallucinations, but we won't spoil that. Just watch it for yourself, ね?