Remember this! Kanji dictionary for foreigners learning Japanese 2500

    remember this kanji dictionary for foreigners learning japanese 2500

    This comprehensive kanji learner's dictionary provides a wealth of information in a somewhat dense but well-thought-out format. In all, the dictionary teaches 2,500 kanji, enough to allow you to read pretty much any modern Japanese text. Each kanji entry provides impressive detail. Not only will you find all the standard kanji dictionary information such as stroke order, readings, meaning, JLPT level, and so on, but they even list things like the kanji's equivalent in simplified Chinese.

    The meaning of each kanji is given in Japanese, with no English translation, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your approach. There is an ample list of vocabulary words, with readings in both furigana and romaji, plus English translations. Each kanji entry also includes an example sentence, and the difficulty level of these sentences increases with the difficulty level of the kanji itself.

    The book is divided into three chapters, the first two confusingly titled "Commonly used kanji you should remember" and "Kanji commonly used in daily life." The first chapter covers the essentials, whereas the second chapter covers the remaining common usage kanji. The final chapter includes less common kanji that the authors recommend you should only learn to read, not write. This makes some sense as learners will acquire the most useful kanji first, but this ordering probably doesn't make for the most efficient way to learn kanji if you're going for the full 2,500.

    Still, though a little dry, Remember this! Kanji dictionary is logically set out, thorough, and a good resource for those who like to learn kanji the old-fashioned way.

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