Online Japanese Accent Dictionary

    online japanese accent dictionary

    The Online Japanese Accent Dictionary, or OJAD, is a database that lets you look up the pitch accent of over 9000 nouns and 3500 declinable Japanese words. You can also search the pitch accent of approximately 42,300 conjugation patterns, with audio recordings by both male and female voice actors.

    OJAD has four features to help you learn Japanese pitch accent: word search, verb suffix search, text search, and prosody tutor Suzuki-kun. Word search allows you to change search and display options. For example, you can specify the textbook chapter in which the word is used. You can also select a part of speech, accent type, word length, difficulty, and JLPT level for the search. Suffix search allows you to search words by suffix groups, such as 〜ます, , ない. Text search allows you to search for the pitch accent of words used in the text you type into the text field. You can enter up to 1500 words. The last feature, Prosody Tutor Suzuki-kun, is an automatic speech processing system. It generates the audio and the pitch pattern of the sentence you put into the text box. This database is useful both for Japanese speaking practice and to look up specific words.