NihonGoal is a YouTube channel by Rose, a non-native speaker of Japanese living in Japan who teaches Japanese grammar, kanji, and vocabulary. Most of her lessons follow along with the Minna no Nihongo textbook. She also labels her videos according to JLPT level sometimes — you can check out her playlist titled "Japanese Grammar Lessons for JLPT N5 and N4."

    Her teaching style uses color-coded graphics on the screen to break down each point of the lesson step by step. If you're looking for example sentences, you'll find lots of them here. Rose states that even if you don't have the Minna no Nihongo books, her videos have you covered, and it does seem to be true. NihonGoal has a ton of content, including both beginner and intermediate-level videos that go all the way up to JLPT N3 aligned content.

    Rose's videos go in order according to the Minna no Nihongo textbooks, building on previous content, but you can pick up wherever you want. If you'd like to use this textbook series (officially or unofficially) to learn Japanese, NihonGoal is a very thorough resource that may help you understand the lessons more deeply.